Synthetic Camp


Synthetic camp took place february-june 2019 and brought together 6 teams building the future of synthetic media and synthetic reality.

What does a world in which AI is our co-creator of media and our assistant in creativity, look like? How will we feel when the line between real and synthetic begins to blur?

We’ve been talking about Synthetic Reality and Synthetic Media for some time now at Betaworks and, in December 2018, we put out a call for companies building around this emergent technology where the AI takes on part or all of the creation process. We were beginning to see both research and real-world examples of a certain type of AI, generative adversarial networks (GANs), being employed to create or manipulate images, audio, video and text and do so in increasingly realistic ways.

We selected 6 companies to take part in the Synthetic Camp in-residence program at Betaworks: Auxuman, Cadmium, Comixify, Deeptrace, Dzomo, Radical and Resemble.